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Learning Lab aims to inspire children to learn, by building on their natural curiosity, and introducing new ideas and knowledge.


Inspiration is linked to motivation. If children are inspired they will lead the learning. By introducing children to a wide variety of topics and ideas the hope is that it sparks an interest and inspires them to want to find out more.


Children are naturally curious! Taking time to notice, think, and wonder about the world around us builds on this curiosity and are important first steps for any field of science.


Hands-on learning develops thinking skills. Children learn to design and carry out a suitable experiment to test a hypothesis, or get to create a model linked to an idea we have been looking at. It makes learning fun!


SCIENCE – Learning Lab is a privately run science programme designed to provide extra challenge and inspiration for students. It allows students the chance to get together with like-minded others, to learn new things at a faster pace or in more depth. The programme is tailored for the group – where possible we build in studies and activities for individual interests. Variety and choice are offered, along with opportunity for creativity and hands-on learning. Learning Lab Science classes are specifically for for students interested in Science, with some Technology, Engineering and Maths included. Learning Lab after school science classes currently run from Whangaparaoa Primary School, Manly, NZ.

FIELD-BASED STEM – Learning Lab also offers professional development opportunities for schools to connect with their local area, empowering teachers to gain confidence in using science as a medium to explore and connect with nature. Learning Lab is part of Field-based STEM facilitators. 


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Please contact Debbie by emailing debbie@learninglab.co.nz 

Who runs Learning Lab?

Debbie Thompson runs Learning Lab. She is a fully registered primary school teacher, specialising in teaching gifted students. She has been a One Day School and MindPlus teacher, working for the Gifted Education Centre and the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education, and is a school GATE coordinator. Debbie has a strong interest in science, and loves to encourage children to turn their curiosity into knowledge with good scientific skills. She is particularly interested in natural world science and caring for the environment. 

Debbie has a Master of Education (first class honours) and many years’ teaching experience. 

Debbie Thompson



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Email: debbie@learninglab.co.nz